PFI can be the abbreviation of a lot of names, such as P* F* International, P* F* Inc., P* F* Institute, P* F* Investment. The following is a list of some examples.

Private Finance Initiative
Prison Fellowship International
Public Finance Initiative
Pay For Inclusion
Port Fuel Injection
Pelican Financial, Inc.
Provisional Full Internet
Programmable Function Input
Planning For Improvement
Paws For Independence
Programmable Fuel Injection
Pride Fowler Industries
Paul Fletcher International
Profits From Illness
Political Fudge Indicator
Perishable Fruit Inspector
Prolonged Financial Income
Public Funding Iniquity
Postpone Funding Indefinitely
Pro-Forma Invoice
Plants Forever Inc
Private Finance Initiatives
Prospective Financial Information
Personnel Force Innovation
Practical Farmers of Iowa
Pellet Fuels Institute
Pending Further Investigation
PCI Forensic Investigator
Persistent Feature Identifier
Planet Formation Imager
Presence From Innovation
Pipe Fabrication Institute
Patient Funded Initiative
Performance Freediving International
Preschool Family Intervention
Pacific Food Importers
Pain and Functioning Index
Pakistan Forest Institute
Partnerships for Innovation
Pastoral Formation Institute
PCI Forensic Investigators
Pill Free Interval
Police Futurists International
Policy Framework for Investment
Popular Front of India
Precision Fluorocarbon Inc
Precision Food Innovations
Preferred Farmers Incorporated
Private Financial Initiatives
Pro Finance International
Pro Forma Invoice
Products For Industry
Professional Forwarders International
Personal Finance Index
Pet Food Institute
Portal Flow Index
Progression-Free Interval
Pulsatile Flow Index